第一屆為臺灣高等教育國際事務人員舉辦的國際事務工作坊(International Administrators Workshop)於12月8日圍滿落幕。很高興邀請到26位來至臺灣、日本及澳洲的講者並有210多位國際事務人員與會。歡迎大家給予建議、回饋,期許未來不僅能擴大規模、延伸更多主題,更能觸及更多人員、創造更多分享及交流機會,進而建立起穩固且強大的網絡與連結,共享國際化經驗和資源。

Thank you

for making the workshop a great success!
We are pleased to have welcomed 26 speakers from Taiwan, Japan and Australia and more than 210 participants from institutions all across Taiwan.

Please feel free to contact us at: intlprograms@ntu.edu.tw if you have any comments and suggestions on the event.


一、國際合作 International Collaborations
二、國際招生 International Recruitment
三、國際品牌 Global Branding
四、短期課程 Short-term Programs
五、國際生照顧  International Student Services
六、海外教育 Study Abroad


NTU’s Office of International Affairs launched the International Administrators’ Workshop in hopes of creating a platform to share experiences and to promote deeper understanding and on-going conversations between international staff members in Taiwan.

This year we are  pleased to introduce six parallel sessions and speakers from different universities and networks:

  1. International Collaborations 國際合作
  2. International Recruitment 國際招生
  3. Global Branding 國際形象
  4. Short-term Programs 短期課程
  5. International Student Services 國際學生照顧
  6. Study Abroad 海外教育

We hope that this workshop will allow international staff to meet, network, and share ideas about current issues and future challenges.