College of Social Science

Last updated: 18/10/2016

November 30, 2016 WEDNESDAY

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Keynote Speech by TJ Pempel (Jack M. Forcey Prof., Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley)

Topic: Dismantling Developmentalism: Japan, Korea, and Taiwan Facing Global Change
Venue: Room 419


University of Tokyo
1. SONODA, Shigeto (Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies and Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia)
► Is the Rise of China a Threat or a Chance? Analysis of 2nd Wave Asian Student Survey
2. SECHIYAMA, Kaku (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
► Female and Senior Labor in East Asia
3. MIZUKOSHI, Shin (Interfaculty Initiative for Information Studies)
► Media Literacy and Digital Storytelling in Contemporary Japan
4. KAWAGUCHI, Diaji (Graduate School of Econoics)
► Labor Market Challenges in a Rapidly Aging SocietyNational Taiwan University
1. HSIAO, Michael (Department of Sociology)
► Taiwanese young generation’s social mobility experiences and their social political attitudes, 2016
2. WU, Chia-Ling (Department of Sociology)
► Reproductive Technologies and Gender Politics in the Ultra-low-fertility
East Asia
3. LIN, Caroline, LIN, Lihyun, HSIEH, Jerry (Graduate Institute of Journalism)
► Computer Literacy and the Development of Digital Journalism in Taiwan
4. LIN, Ming-Jen (Department of Economics)
Inequality in Taiwan
Venue: Room 419

Venue: La Maree水源會館

December 1, 2016 THURSDAY

 Time Event
10:00 am

University of Tokyo
1. TAKAHARA, Akio (Graduate School of Public Policy)
► How to Deal with a Rising China: A Japanese Perspective
2. LEE, Hyunsun (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia)
► From Separation toward Integration: The Current and Ongoing Changes in North Korean Community in Japan
3. LEE, Misook (Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies)
► Social Movements, Media Strategies, and Publics: Focusing on the “Japan-Korea Solidarity Movement” since the 1970s
4. NAKATANI, Hironori (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
► Perceived Moral Traits of Others Differentiate Neural Activations that Underlie Inequity-AversionNational Taiwan University
1. HSU, S.C. Philip (Department of Political Science)
► A Mid-Term Assessment of Xi Jinping’s Reform Initiatives before the 18th CCP Congress
2. TSENG, Yen-Fen (Department of Sociology)
► Care, State, and Migration in East Asia
3. HO, Ming-Sho (Department of Sociology)
► From Protest to Electioneering: The Consequences of Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement
4. TUNG, Hans H. (Department of Political Science)
The Political Neuroscience of Welfare State: A Critical Review
Venue: Room 419

Venue: Room419